Ivan Erdevicki unveils concept for superyacht Adamantine

The 85.5 metre Adamantine is a unique and nicely proportioned design created to reflect modern appeal, military toughness and yacht elegance. The main special and unique feature of this design is the diamond shaped reflective angled windows on the superstructure and the hull.

The superstructure side windows are carefully shaped and slightly angled towards each other in a regular “snake” pattern configuration, so that the superstructure side is not a flat surface, but rather a three-dimensional sculpture.

The front part of the superstructure has a smooth rounded surface including a corner portion of the windshield. Windows extend vertically from just below the ceiling to some distance above the deck. Additionally, the hull slot window forward is very unique, including diamond shaped panels that are slightly angled towards each other, also in the “snake” shaped configuration inserted into the hull side, giving this a unique three dimensional appeal from outside as well as very unique lighting effect inside the superyacht.

Ivan Erdevicki
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