IYC Monaco balances emissions with Yacht Carbon Offset

International Yacht Collection has introduced Carbon Offsetting at its Monaco office, in partnership with specialists at Yacht Carbon Offset. IYC has begun by balancing the estimated greenhouse gas emissions from its own activities in 2009. From today, the IYC Monaco team will also make the Yacht Carbon Offset service available to its clients.

IYC Monaco’s clients enjoy some of the world’s leading superyachts and most beautiful destinations. Now, the “carbon footprint” from the superyachts’ engines can be offset by greenhouse gas savings from projects around the world, through Yacht Carbon Offset.

IYC’s Kevin Bonnie said “IYC’s mission is to be the premier source for yacht services, and we are continuously looking for ways to provide a superior yachting experience. Together with our clients, we see that taking a strong position on environmental issues is a key quality of leadership. Therefore we are pleased to have identified, in Yacht Carbon Offset, a way to take effective action in respect of greenhouse gas emissions. We have started at home, by addressing the emissions of our Monaco office, and have included this specialist service in our portfolio for all our clients.”

Yacht Carbon Offset’s Mark Robinson added: “In Monaco, there is particular interest in addressing greenhouse gas emissions, and IYC has recognised the benefit of Carbon Offsetting for superyacht owners, charterers and service providers alike. Taking action to balance carbon emissions is a new, positive element to the superyacht experience, and we are delighted to have been asked to assist IYC and its clients. IYC’s initiative will appeal especially to those clients that have a passion for yachting and a desire to do something about their carbon footprint.”

Yacht Carbon Offset Limited
Mark Robinson
+44 20 7016 7700
[email protected]

International Yacht Collection
Anna Granlund
+377 97 98 24 24
[email protected]



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