Jarrett Bay Acquires 30,000 sq. ft. Ultra-Modern Repair Facility

Jarrett Bay Boatworks has added an ultra-modern, 30,000 sq. ft. indoor, heated facility situated on a 2.2 acre site to the list of amenities they offer at their 175-acre Marine Industrial Park. Designed to accommodate up to two 100-foot vessels side-by-side with a 55′ clearance, this acquisition marks the third parcel recently added to Jarrett Bay’s coffers – for a total of eight buildings covering 36-acres and 125,000 sq. ft. of building space used to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for the full-service offerings by Jarrett Bay and fellow Park affiliates.

Further adding to the scale of work that can be done by Jarrett Bay, a multi-directional overhead crane is mounted to the building’s support beams to assist in topside construction, eliminating the need for cumbersome scaffolding. Operated by remote control, the crane can easily and safely pick up & set large sections in place. Now able to work on several large jobs simultaneously, the overhead crane greatly reduces service time, while also increasing efficiency and safety.

Adding to efficiency are the convenience of three dedicated parts departments, prep and spray booths, Bausch American Towers, IMS American Electronics and Crystal Coast Interiors all located within the 30,000 sq. ft. building. Plans are also in the works to add a crew restroom and lounge with TV, internet, work spaces and a workout facility.

Jarrett Bay Boatworks
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