Jendrik Odenwald successfully completed 2 contracts with an Egyptian yacht builder

Over a 1.5 years agreement, Jendrik Odenwald successfully finalized a consultancy & management contract with an Egyptian yacht builder. Beginning of 2007, the yacht builder asked for assistance in conducting a complete revision associated with their teackdeck production process. In a consultancy agreement over 5 weeks, Jendrik Odenwald created and implemented a new pre-fabricated deck system which enabled the shipyard to produce teakdecks completely outside the yacht under production. With this new system, a time reduction of 50% was achieved compared to the old traditional installation. In addition, the weight of the deck was significantly reduced, material costs were decreased, quality was improved while the decks can be produced and kept on stock for future use.

After the success of the new teakdeck system, the Egyptian yacht builder asked Jendrik to review the entire production processes with the aims of reducing production time, delivering on time and raising quality. To be able to meet such targets, Jendrik started first by reaching a product standardization system, improving these standards and properly documenting them to ensure a rather stable continuous production process.

Following, systems and equipment used / installed in the yachts were thoroughly reviewed to ensure compatibility in all areas within the produced yachts. As a consequence of this revision system, the company was able to successfully negotiate new prices with suppliers and was able to reduce shipment costs. In the second phase a complete review of the entire production processes associated with yachts’ building was undertaken. Unnecessary or time consuming production steps were eliminated with the implementation of new materials or structural re-engineering. To be more specific, each Department within the shipyard had to review its work flow / daily operation and processes in an attempt to identify loss of efficiency or waste of time and / or material.

To ensure clear responsibilities, accountabilities and better reporting, a new management structure was introduced and implemented; which was proven to be successful and clearly served its long-term purposes. Finally, the quality control processes during yacht’s building and delivery phases were adjusted, documented and implemented to ensure the highest possible quality standards, smooth deliveries with an accurate information flow and ongoing support of crew and owners.



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