Jensen Interiors at the Dubai International Boat Show

The Dubai International Boat Show has attracted back David Jensen, Chairman of Jensen Interiors who exhibited alongside Callender Designs at the Abu Dhabi yacht Show just two weeks ago.

In Abu Dhabi, the super-eco-friendly superyacht Soliloquy concept was one of the show's most popular attractions as yacht owners, designers and builders flocked to the stand to see the design. Jensen Interiors collaborated with Callender Designs to develop a super-eco-friendly interior design concept for the yacht.

"We had a lot of interest at the show" says David Jensen, "so although we are too late to exhibit at DIBS, I am coming back for a number of client meetings arising from our visit to the region 10 days ago. I am in Dubai from the 12th to 14th March and then onto Abu Dhabi to meet clients on 15th. Our belief that in these difficult economic times one can 'refresh' a yacht interior rather than do a more expensive refurbishment or total refit, and do it in an environmentally friendly way, is what has caught people's imaginations".

Jensen Interiors' concepts are also relevant to shore-based design assignments and the building of the Masdar 'green city' project is one area where Jensen sees great opportunities. "We have particular knowledge of the nano-technology sector" explains Jensen "and this revolutionary area of science, recently described by Meryll Lynch as the next global growth engine after the automobile and the PC, will change the way we design yacht interiors and shore-based interior design projects for decades to come. The operating efficiency and reduced wear on engines and surfaces is a real cost saving to be made".

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