Jensen Interiors launches green superyacht interior design concept at Monaco Boat Show

The World’s first super-green superyacht, the innovative Soliloquy by UK based Callender Designs, now has a super-eco friendly interior concept designed in collaboration between Jensen Interiors, Simon Hamilton Interior Design and Callender Designs.

The world-wide media attention of the yachting and luxury sector press generated by Soliloquy since her announcement in June, is testament to two phenomena – the hunger for some long overdue innovation in the superyacht industry and the eco-friendly agenda which is extending into all walks of life.

“The opportunity for us to create this collaboration is exciting” says David Jensen, Chief Executive of Jensen Interiors of London, UK. “Soliloquy is a wonderful concept for us to work on, as I see the inevitable rise of the eco-friendly agenda across all business sectors. Callender Designs has taken the superyacht industry by storm with this yacht design and working together, our collaborative team has sourced the most suitable materials for ensuring the interior design does not undermine the ‘green’ ethos of Soliloquy and compliments her innovative hull shape and simple beauty.”

Materials have been sourced after scouring suppliers across all continents to ensure that the world’s most demanding superyacht owners have their expectations met in terms of unparalleled luxury.

By working in collaboration, the designers have presented potential owners of Soliloquy a ready-made, total solution.

Alastair Callender of Callender Designs noted “It would be ironic to own this super-green superyacht and yet have a conventional interior. The passion the team have shown in meeting my overall vision is tremendous. From recycled newspapers for coat hangers in the lockers, to using recycled materials and renewable source timbers in fitted and loose furniture, they have set the tone for a proud future owner.”

Many of the World’s Chief Executives have to declare ‘green’ credentials to their stakeholders. Pulling into harbours in their gas guzzling, conventional superyacht, pouring fumes and noise into the atmosphere, is a contradiction many will wish to avoid and can now be a thing of the past.

Soliloquy has yet to find a owner to commission her – but whoever that person maybe, they will earn their place in yachting history as a pioneer who combined their concern for the planet with their love of luxury yachting.

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