Jeremy Stephens joins Complete Marine Freight

Jeremy Stephens has recently joined the experienced team at Complete Marine Freight in Palma, Spain, to oversee and manage racing yacht logistics. He brings with him the experience and knowledge gained from working with the Perth team at DHL in Western Australia, where he spent many years learning every aspect of the air express industry.

Jeremy then moved on to a State Manager role within an international freight forwarding company based in Fremantle.

He has now relocated to Palma to join Complete Marine Freight and head up the racing yacht side of the business, ensuring that every detail is taken care of from shipping race boats and their containers, through to trucking by road, customs clearance, temporary imports and carnets.

Originally hailing from England and now with a growing family, Jeremy is now very much looking forward to a new life in Mallorca, to once again enjoy the wonderful opportunities of European culture.

Tom Sell, Managing Director of Complete Marine Freight said, β€œWe are absolutely delighted to welcome Jeremy to Palma working within our team in a dedicated role to manage the racing yacht division. He brings with him vast knowledge and experience and is now able to combine his passion for logistics with his huge interests in yacht racing.”

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