JF Recruiting launches CrewSalary.com

Crewsalary.com is an innovative new salary website designed to offer you the clearest and most accurate representation possible of the pay structure in today's yachting industry. The launch of this free service means the days of struggling with limited information from a small range of salaries per yacht size are now gone - and replaced with a clear, accurate and complete over-view of salary structures allowing both employers and crew to know where they stand.

This pioneering website - the brainchild of Jonathan Franklin of JF Recruiting - will now fill a crucial gap in the market. He states: “This free service will help owners, managers and crew get a better grasp of the salary structure over the whole Industry.”

Crewsalary.com provides you with the hard data required to ensure accurate pay representation throughout the industry. The website takes into consideration a wide range of factors including range of salaries for a position over the entire industry, average salary for position on a yacht of a certain size and the average monthly salary bill for any given yacht size. Geographic location, usage of the yacht and years of experience are also taken into consideration. It means a captain moving to another part of the world will be able to see the local rate for crew in either Dollars or Euros.

Once you have registered for free, you will be able to compare reports with other crew members. All the data for crewsalary.com has been collected from two main sources - firstly positions that have come through the JF Recruiting website for over the last five years, and secondly the 1,000 crew that responded to an initial survey which included their salary profiles. For example, when a crew member's annual salary review is coming up, a unique salary report will be generated which will provide the crew member with all the information needed to support their pay rise request.

Crewsalary.com is in its initial stages, but as the website develops with more members, it means more information, statistics and reports will be developed. Terry Wilson of Wilsonhalligan recruitment agency says: “Providing meaningful guidance on crew salaries has always been difficult because each yacht is unique and so many variables are involved. It is therefore great to see someone sifting and simplifying the mass of information available. I am sure the correlation between leave and salaries will be introduced as the website evolves.”

All crew members are invited to register at crewsalary.com to provide as much information as possible in complete confidentiality. In doing so, this will not only enable crew to compare salaries, but also agencies, management and above all owners.

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