JLT Yacht Agency and Everything Marine Yacht Suppy open showroom in Ancona

JLT Yacht Agency and Everything Marine Yacht Supply have announced the official opening of their showroom situated just outside the local yards that build mega yachts from 30-80 m.

The showroom offers full support to owners, captains and crew with special assistance in finding products and select materials during the construction period. The showroom highlights the most important brands from fine china, glassware and kitchen utensils to fine linens and technical equipment. Crews can select and order uniforms, select interior décor items or handmade leather accessories.

The inauguration took place March 15, with over 30 representatives from the main local industry players: ISA, CRN, and Cantiere delle Marche, as well as local officials and authorities.

Stefano Tositti, Chairman of JLT and EM stated: “The showroom is part of a larger strategic initiative to partner with captains and crew, to become their strategic partners and not just a filter between them and suppliers. Our know-how in this business will save time and money since they can benefit from one single organization providing solutions and taking advantage of the greater synergies involved.

Caterina Oliviero, Manager of JLT and EM comments: “This is an important tool for both owners and captains. The 5 minute walking distance from the yards, makes it convenient at anytime to see and select materials for their interior décor. The latest collections are always present, giving special attention to “Made in Italy” products, both through luxury, well-known brands and artisan products, often tailor-made.

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Everything Marine
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