Job opening with Lobanov Naval Design

Igor Lobanov is inviting exterior designers and interior architects to join his team in his Italian design studio. Lobanov Naval Design is a young awards winning company specialized in designing superyachts.

Igor Lobanov opened his studio 7 years ago initially in Moscow and later moved to Turin, Italy. The studio is responsible for the design of the Oceanco Y708, a new 110-meter Oceanco superyacht under construction, as well as the number of refits and concepts such as White Night, Phoenicia II and STAR.

The job will include the work on new unique design concepts of various lengths and hull types starting from the 60 meters up.

Igor Lobanov says: โ€œWe are looking for the maniacs who could share our passion for yachting and beauty. The new employee has to be fluent in English. A lack of the yacht design experience isnโ€™t a problem, sometimes it may be an advantage. The new employee doesn't necessarily have to be a team player. Itโ€™s enough if you design like a God, or at least you think you can do better than we do currently. Feel free to come and prove yourself to us.โ€

Candidates are asked to send their CV and portfolio to [email protected] .

By Maarten Janssen



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