Join the Oyster World Rally for a real ocean adventure

Written by Laura Nicholls

The Oyster World Rally is a perfect opportunity for Oyster owners to not venture out alone, but come together and take to our oceans to explore the world onboard their blue water sailing yachts. Now only halfway through their 27-month voyage, 31 yachts from 12 different countries will travel over 30,000 miles in total visiting spectacular destinations together as an Oyster fleet as part of the current Oyster World Rally.Oyster World Rally 2017-2019Photo: Oyster YachtsThe Oyster World Rally is a trip of a lifetime and just one of the Oyster Events hosted for Oyster Owners. Having started their circumnavigation in January 2017, the fleet began their worldwide adventure exploring the Caribbean before traversing the Panama Canal. Then it was on to the beautiful islands of the South Pacific, Australasia, Polynesia and Indonesia for arrival in Cape Town for the Christmas break.Oyster World Rally 2017-2019Photo: Oyster YachtsIf you want to join the Oyster family and the 2021-2024 Oyster World Rally, find out more on the Blue Water Sailing website.



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