New generation K47 Taxila yacht revealed

Written by Saskia Henn

Floating Life has revealed their latest concept: the K47Taxila yacht which has been created in a collaborative effort between the Swiss company's cofounder Andrea Pezzini and Studio Satura’s Frederica Fino, Alberto Frulla, and Francesco Viola. Beginning as a master’s thesis for the young members of Studio Satura, the design of the K47 Taxilia yacht superyacht has already impressed a slew of potential owners, according to Floating Life.Federica Fino, Alberto Frulla and Francesco ViolaPhoto: Floating LifeThe team based their design of this superyacht concept Taxila K47 on the naval platform of the Floating Life’s K-Series 45-metre yacht which was developed by Andrea Pezzini himself and has been lengthened to 47 metres in the final design. K47 Taxila conceptPhoto: Floating LifeAlong with her extended naval platform, K47 Taxila yacht features a refreshing combination of classic style and sporty lines. With exteriors designed to heighten guests' sense of contact with the marine environment, the vessel also incorporates several noteworthy features. These include the elimination of visual barriers on the decks to facilitate fantastic views, as well as a transparent bottom within one of the pools drawing sunlight into the beach club. K47 Taxila conceptPhoto: Floating LifeThe contemporary interior styling features complementary, muted colours and replaceable furnishings to easily adapt to future refurbishments. K47 Taxila yacht is able to accommodate 12 passengers and 11 crew members and comes equipped with a luxurious spa, gym, and saloon.K47 Taxila conceptPhoto: Floating Life“The result is superb. We have already shown it to potential owners who found it very interesting indeed,” explains Pezzini. “The three designers have a very fresh yet sophisticated touch. It feels very positive to be working with young minds: you see solutions from a whole new perspective.  I found working with them very interesting. I even put them in contact with my children so they could keep collaborating. Together they represent the future of both yacht design and Floating Life”.



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