KM Yachtbuilders turns hull of the second Pelagic 77 sailing yacht

Following on from its announcement of plans to turn the hull of its second 23.5-metre Pelagic 77 sailing yacht, KM Yachtbuilders turned the hull of the second Pelagic 77 yacht on Monday 4 December 2022 in Makkum, the Netherlands.

Read: 77/02 yacht hull turning The aluminium hull was turned exactly 3 years after the first Pelagic Vinson of Antarctica and mirrors her sister ship closely. The main difference can be seen in their engines: the second Pelagic 77 will feature more modern and environmentally friendly engines.Pelagic 77/02 yacht hull turning With naval architecture by Tony Castro, the second of the Pelagic 77 series is fit with an aluminium construction, a 6.2-metre beam and two aluminium masts. Inside, the second Pelagic 77 features a large pilothouse and six double staterooms.

Following a trend in KM Yachtbuilders vessels, the Pelagics are designed with expeditions in mind. Suitable for extreme climates due to their self-sufficiency, practical convenience and low-maintenance systems, KM Yachtbuilders previously announced that the new 23.5-metre sailing yacht Pelagic 77 is designed for the purposes of cruising and research in the Arctic, while her sister ship cruises in the Southern hemisphere.Pelagic 77/02 yacht hull turning The new Pelagic 77 is built with two carbon masts to evenly distribute the sail area. All sail systems, such as winches and jib rollers, can still be operated manually.

The second of the 23.5-metre Pelagic 77 series is set to be delivered in early 2024.