Kormaran water craft in final test stages

Austrian company Kormaran GmbH, builder of the advanced Kormaran water craft has reported that the first prototype is performing well during her initial sea trials on the lakes in Austria. Tests will continue into the Autumn where Kormaran will be fine tuned and be optimised for production, which is to start in June 2016.

The company is currently working on the transformation process of the craft, with its intricate combination of hydraulic doors, wings and bathing platform. To ensure the smooth operation of the hydrofoils, Kormaran GmbH have enlisted the expertise of Americaโ€™s Cup specialists, who form an essential part of the testing phase.

Kormaran is a futuristic personal water craft that allows its driver to choose between various driving modes, ranging from catamaran, trimaran, monohul or hydrofoil modes. In hydrofoil mode Kormaran is able to achieve a speed of 44mph, powered by a 493HP triple jet drive. At top speed, the craft has a range of 200 km.

The first craft will be available in the summer of 2016. Kormaran GmbH advices clients that if they interested in receiving their Kormaran within 2016, that orders need to be placed well before October this year, with the first edition Zero Series limited to only 50 craft.

By Charl van Rooy



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