Kuipers 60.00 meter semi-custom Motor Yacht

The Kuipers 60.00 meters (196 ft 9 inches) semi-custom motor yacht is an extremely wide motor yacht with a beam of 11.80 meters (38 ft 8 inches), resulting in a shallow draft of 3.05 meters (10 ft 0 inches) at 100% load. The naval architecture, design and styling of the exterior shall be executed by Frank Mulder of Mulder Design B.V. and Kuipers Shipyard’s design team.

Compared to most other yachts of this length, this motor yacht offers one additional deck, of which the windows can be lowered down, allowing the Owners and guests to use this deck as open deck space or as an enclosed accommodation area.

The Kuipers 60.0 meters semi-custom motor yacht can be compared in volume with a 70 meter (230 ft) motor yacht plus due to the large accommodation space it has to offer and will also be an eye-catcher in every port it’s entering.

The Kuipers 60.0 meters semi-custom motor yacht is available in two versions namely as a charter, which can accommodate 22 guests in 10 cabins or as a private version, which can be modified towards the demanding and specific requirements of the client, taking into account the parameters and structure of the motor yacht.

Kuipers Shipyard and its partners are continually striving to improve its yacht building process, with the intention of enhancing the already first class quality clients expect. Shorter delivery times and attractive prices, will allow you to enjoy your yacht sooner.

At the present moment several of those 60.0 meters semi-custom motor yachts have been contracted and are underway in the process of engineering and construction, whereby Kuipers Shipyard shall streamline the production of those motor yachts in such a way that a minimum of four of those motor yachts can be delivered to their clients.

The first completely executed steel hulls and aluminium superstructures of this series of 60.0 meters semi-custom motor yachts, shall be ordered shortly after the pre-engineering phase has been finished and the plans has been approved by the Classification Society and the Regulatory Bodies.

Kuipers Shipyard’s “Custom” and semi-custom motor yachts from 45 meters to 80 meters in length and up shall be constructed at another location in the Netherlands of which no information can be disclosed at this present moment of time.

The first motor yachts of this series of 60.0 meters semi-custom motor yachts shall be delivered at Kuipers Shipyard’s facility according the following scheme:

NB 1001 Delivery scheduled >> March 2010.
NB 1002 Delivery scheduled >> September 2010.
NB 1003 Delivery scheduled >> December 2010.

The following motor yachts of this series of 60.0 meters semi-custom motor yachts shall be delivered in a cycle of (6) 3 months to the clients.



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