Lantic Entertainment Systems introduces all‐in‐one screens in Monaco

Lantic Entertainment Systems will be introducing all‐in‐one HDMI screens at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. The 21.5 inch (54.6 cm) TFT screens will be preloaded with all the necessary software to link straight into an onboard Lantic integrated entertainment system to give direct access to streaming DVD and Blu‐ray movies, HD satellite TV, music, internet, CCTV and more.

By removing the need to install a Lantic Entertainment Centre – the processing unit that acts as the brain for each zone in a system – the screens are ideal for mounting in cabins and other areas where space is restricted, as well as offering a lower‐cost entry point into multizone, integrated entertainment.

The screens come with in‐built DVD drives that allow users to play their own movies and music, and USB and other ports to enable the connection of cameras, MP3 players, games consoles and other external hardware. iPod docks that allow full on‐screen control will also be supplied as standard, and there is a choice of controls; the iconic RF Lantic remote for premium locations or a standard infra red remote, plus a wireless keyboard for internet access. The dimensions are 513mm (w) by 392mm (h) by 91mm (d) and the unit incorporates two 2.1 channel speakers for high quality sound reproduction. A Super Audio version is also available, delivering 5.1 sound via an additional amplifier.

Lantic Entertainment Systems
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