Lantic introduces the Wi-Fi Audio Centre

Lantic Entertainment Systems has released an iPhone / iPod WI‐FI Audio Centre (WAC) app that allows those onboard any yacht equipped with a Lantic Entertainment System to select and control music and other audio content in audio‐only zones via the integral wireless network.

The WAC app can be downloaded in a few seconds from the iTunes store and gives instant access to all the music already stored on the Lantic Media Server. The Main Menu or Browsing screen shows the music content available and invites the user to make a selection. The Now Playing screen is easily accessed by pressing the ‘Now playing’ button in the upper right corner, and displays all the play and volume controls as well as allowing the user to create or modify playlists.

As an added refinement, access can also be gained to the Player Command Centre via the Now Playing screen. This allows the user to view and control all the audio‐only players and zones connected to the server. If required, any WAC zone can be synchronised with a public playlist being played on the Lantic Entertainment Centre for a boat wide effect.

“This advance means that all those guests that have iPhones or app‐capable iPods on board a Lantic yacht effectively have their own remote controls,” said Lantic product manager Peter Bouman. “This is convenient for both the crew and their guests, and reduces the rate at which dedicated remote controls get lost or unwittingly taken ashore in suitcases and bags. We have also included in the app simple tutorials that ensure that first time users are totally at ease with the software in just a minute or two".

Shown as ‘Lantic WAC’ in the iTunes store, the application is now available for download, and is fully compatible with all Lantic systems running the Suite 2011 software.

Lantic Entertainment Systems
Dick Breure
+ 45 7030 0071
[email protected]



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