Lantic Premium system on board superyacht Bel Abri

The latest Limited Editions Amels 171, Bel Abri has been launched with a Lantic Premium system on board. The Lantic Premium system is for the largest luxury yachts; those with more than seven individual zones.

The system tailored for and installed on Bel Abri has the following key features:

‐ 21 individual zones across the yacht
‐ Central server of 2TB capacity capable of holding 10,000+ music tracks and hundreds of HD movies for ship‐wide access via the public playlist
‐ Screens ranging in size from 40‐inches to 65‐inches, all full HD
‐ 13 DVD drives linked to Lantic Entertainment Centres 5.1
‐ Crew areas fitted with flip down monitors from Clarion

As well as access to a comprehensive range of entertainment options the Lantic system is integrated with other onboard systems enabling the monitoring of seven CCTV streams and the internal lift to the sun deck, plus the control of cabin systems including crew call and the Heinen en Hopman air conditioning.

Lantic has a long‐standing relationship with Amels and its systems can be found on a number of it's acclaimed Limited Editions yachts.

Lantic Entertainment Systems
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