MYS 19: Lateral to release two new projects and framework to support a Zero future

Written by Laura Nicholls

As international maritime regulations continue to move towards achieving zero-carbon shipping within this century, there has never been a better time to be positioned at the forefront of the technology that will enable Zero: zero carbon and zero emissions. Standing on the front line are naval architects Lateral, who are getting ready to launch two new innovative and eco-friendly projects during the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show as part of their new framework: Lateral Futurology.Lateral Futurology launch marketingThe two new projects were undertaken in collaboration with the design studios of Isaac Burrough Design and Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design and illustrate the narrative behind Lateral Futurology and the company’s strategy behind their choices in technology and engineering. Lateral has depicted three key elements that shape the choices we can make to improve the future of the industry: ‘technical innovation’, ‘challenge the paradigm’ and ‘alternative fuels’ - all of which are reflected in their two new projects. 

The first new superyacht project with Isaac Burrough Design is a platform leveraging the benefits of ‘technical innovation’ via an all-electric architecture that offers the design community greater flexibility to ‘challenge the paradigm’ in layout and configuration.

The second project, Aqua, created in collaboration with Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design presents a “more audacious view of the future” that leverages all three key elements of Lateral Futurology and will be unveiled on the first day of the Monaco Yacht Show. Lateral Naval ArchitectsTo better advise clients and play a part in shaping the future of the yachting industry, Lateral is championing an open mindset, thinking beyond the boundaries that are set by the established paradigms - especially as the demographics of the average superyacht purchaser, charterer or other future stakeholder is shifting to a younger generation who may have a different belief system and buying motivation. Lateral Naval ArchitectsSpeaking out about the pressure on the industry to engineer, design and build yachts which can operate in a ‘leave no trace’ manner and the need to find ways to go beyond simple onboard garbage solutions, Lateral believe that innovative new superyacht projects, like those to be presented during the Monaco Yacht Show, should capitalise on technologies and focus on at least one of the key elements that form the Lateral Futurology framework: 

Technical Innovation

Everyone is familiar with the progress of technology via innovation. It is at the heart of what engineers, designers, yacht builders, equipment suppliers and a whole plethora of our industry do every day. However the pace of innovation is progressive, it is a long-term game and generally delivers benefits in an incremental gains approach. Lateral believe that over the long term, the progressive development of technical innovation may deliver up to 20% of the progress to Zero.

Challenge The Paradigm (#AskNewQuestions)

Take a look at the world’s superyacht fleet, aside from a highly diverse range of adventurous and iconic styling, unique lifestyle features and artisan interiors, the yachts all follow a similar technical format. That similarity is reflected within the statistical data of principal dimensions, gross tonnage, general proportions and form - which, if these factors were challenged, can easily deliver 30% of the progress to Zero in a short timescale and at low technical risk. 

Before exploring the matter of ‘alternative fuels’, it is possible to get 50% of the way towards Zero.

Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels hold the promise of achieving the full 100% required to get to Zero. It is possible to engineer and build a yacht today that would achieve Zero, with relatively low technological risks. However, it is the operation that presents the barrier, as the mechanism to deliver alternative fuels across a prolific and well-established distribution network remains embryonic. 

One of Lateral’s visions for the future, based around the use of hydrogen, is that electrical energy generated via renewable sources is transported via the land-based grid, and converted locally at the point of distribution to hydrogen. This is then used on board via fuel cell technology to generate electrical energy for propulsion and house load within an integrated electrical architecture.Lateral Naval ArchitectsTo find out more about Lateral, their new projects and Lateral Futurology work, meet the team during the Monaco Yacht Show at stand QE10, or during the unveiling of project Aqua at the Sinot stand PP55. More information can also be found in Lateral’s newsletter Whitepaper on their website or by contacting the company directly via the details found below.

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