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Blue Ensign Ltd has just completed a project to register two racing yachts owned by the Russian TP52 racing team, called Valars III and Valars IV. Both yachts, normally based in the south of France, were re-classified as commercial yachts to avoid leaving the EU every 18 months, which was inconvenient and expensive.

As a special case, both yachts were inspected and allowed to use the ORC / ISAF safety standards as compliance with Cook Islands safety requirements, because of the controlled environment of regatta racing. Jonathan Leach of Blue Ensign Ltd tells that the owners and managers are very pleased with their new flag.

In other news Jonathan reports that the classic 33 metre Feadship Santa Maria is now also flying the Cook Islands Flag. Blue Ensign Ltd. and the Cook Islands have provided registration and classification as a commercial yacht. This has enabled the owners to recover a substantial amount of VAT / TVA, and avoid having to leave EU waters every 18 months.

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