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Crestron has announced to a new line of ultra-slim, low profile, high definition touch panels. Only 2-inches deep, Crestron V-Panels are the thinnest available, and uniquely provide VESA mount installation in addition to desktop and flush wall-mount. Offered in 12" and 15" (VESA, tilt, wall) versions, a V-Panel can function as both a touch panel control interface and flat panel HD display.

A choice of either the Crestron DGE-1 external graphics engine enable V-Panels to display both HD (HDMI/HDCP) and analogue video (VGA, component, and streaming media from online videos, digital media servers and Web cameras). V-Panels can also integrate VoIP communications, embedded PC applications, USB-HID control, onscreen annotation and whole house control, delivering a complete digital media, control and communication solution.

By separating the graphics engine hardware from the display, the V-Panel becomes versatile and flexible with a choice to have most appropriate graphics engine to suit the application, and the hardware can be placed in the equipment rack, simplifying connectivity to control and other AV equipment.

Today's modern homes include a variety of digital HD audio and video sources, such as HD cable and satellite, Blu-ray players, iTunesR, AppleR TV, computers and more. Both Digital Graphics Engines feature a Crestron DigitalMediaT output to provide direct connectivity with the new V-Panels, so uncompressed HD signals may be displayed on touch panels for the first time. Using the DGE-2, two fully-scalable, full-motion video windows support standard video, HDTV, high-resolution RGB/VGA, and protected HDMI/DVI and DisplayPort multimode.

Other features of the V-Panel include built-in annotation, which gives the user the ability to draw over a moving or paused video image. The native IP intercom can be leveraged to talk panel-to-panel with someone in another room, and Crestron SIP Phone allows 2-way communication between touch panels, as well as with traditional and SIP/VoIP phones. The USB port provides direct connection to a keyboard and mouse (or wirelessly via an RF dongle) for efficient PC/Internet navigation right from the V-Panel location.

Dallas Tacon, of Crestron, says "This panel brings a multitude of options to the modern super yacht. Interfacing to the Voice over IP( VOIP), cameras, music servers, even able to view a full High Definition movie on the same screen as the touch panel........the possibilities are endless and the size is critical to the modern yacht, with modern form and the functionality to match. We are very excited by this new era in touch panels!"

Crestron Marine Division
Dallas Tacon
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