Laurent Giles’ new generation High Efficiency Motor Yacht concept

Written by Charl van Rooy

Exploiting the fundamental physics of naval architecture, Laurent Giles has gone back to the basics during the design of its new 110-metre HEMY (High Efficiency Motor Yacht) concept. The yacht’s efficiency stems from a heavy focus on high length-beam ratios and a low displacement that together deliver a very economically-driven hull.

The concept is directly aimed at addressing the constant accommodation-efficiency compromise that many projects face as increased accommodation spaces typically affect the beam, weight and subsequently, the overall performance of the vessel.

The solution is an 110-metre long hull that spans a mere 12.5 metres across and comes in below the 3000 GT threshold. David Lewis, Managing Director at Laurent Giles, explains more about the concept: “The concept was to start with a typical 70-75m yacht and lengthen the hull to offer increased interior volume and remain within a 3000GT limit. Not only does the HEMY offer increased accommodation volume, but with its more efficient length/beam ratio and lighter displacement/length it offers significant improvements in performance and seakeeping.

To reach a maximum speed of over 20 knots, the 110M HEMY would require the same installed power as that of a 75-metre motor yacht while at the same time delivering a cruising range of 6,500 nm.



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