LaVie ideal addition to winter refit

With the winter season upon the industry, Dutch company LaVie Systems is preparing for a busy few months installing their full service entertainment systems on board superyachts undergoing a refit in time for the 2016 summer season. LaVie specialise in building integrated entertainment systems for a broad spectrum of vessels - including some of the world’s largest superyachts - with user-friendly software at the core of the business.

For superyachts with CAT5E cables on board, LaVie are able to install a full 4K Ultra HD system without the need for any extra cables, making the entire process as stress-free and efficient as possible. LaVie will install the system on board five superyachts in 2016, including two 24 metre vessels from Holland Jachtbouw, a 39 metre and a 55 metre yacht for Dynamiq, and a 32.5 metre sailing yacht. The brand state they look forward to welcoming more yachts into their busy schedule over the winter period.

The extensive list of features available with LaVie systems include a variety of Apple orientated benefits, including an iWatch/iPad/iPhone remote, Apple Airplay and Apple hardware. Features designed to make life on board smoother include an interactive message board for menus, drinks and activities, a steward call, AC integration, public playlist, CCTV integration, Kartina TV integration and the integration of navigation screens - amongst many others.

In addition to a wealth of features for users to easily access and use, two of the most notable aspects of the LaVie Systems are its affordability and the fact that the system is future proof.

Sales Manager Jacco van der Stelt states that the products’ comparative affordability to similar companies comes from the fact that LaVie is based upon tried and tested Apple hardware; without the time and money intensive process of creating an in-house hardware system, states Jacco, substantial savings are passed on to the consumer.

Jacco also explains that the future proof aspects of LaVie’s services mean that the software is periodically updated, so users never have to experience the often frustrating sensation of being behind the times technologically - an aspect also extended to the products app.

For more information, contact Jacco van der Stelt at [email protected].

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By Gemma Fottles



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