Lazzara Yachts assets purchased by Avanti Ocean Group

The Avanti Ocean Group, consisting of private investor Geoff Bond and third generation Lazzara family members Joe Lazzara and Steve Lazzara, has recently purchased the assets of Lazzara Yachts, including the intellectual property and molds. The new company will do business as Lazzara Custom Yachts and Tampa Marine Services, and will offer new yacht production from 64'-130' under the Lazzara Custom Yachts brand name.

The new company will also mark the start of a refit work service catering to all brands of boats, yachts and ships, with the capability of hauling out up to 160' using the facilitiesโ€™ 300 ton travel lift.

President of the company, Joe Lazzara, comments, "This new start allows the next generation of Lazzara's to continue the rich history of yacht building and innovation our family has in the industry while allowing us to be even more committed to our owner and vendor base for decades to come."

CFO, Steve Lazzara, continues, โ€œFinancially speaking, a debt free company with investment capital puts us in a position to develop new products and take care of our customers in a way that historically made our family so successful.โ€

The Avanti Ocean Group has located to a 7 acre facility in Tampa, Florida close to the Lazzara manufacturing facility. Design of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is reportedly underway.

By Gemma Fottles



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