League of Extraordinary's superyacht project Princess Natalia

Right before Monaco Yacht Show, League of Extraordinary organized a special event for some clients in the wilderness of the secluded region of the East Siberian mountains.

The event took place in conjunction with their latest superyacht project Princess Natalia. As to be read some months ago, League of Extraordinary commited to a yacht concept of young Swedish designer Dennis Ingemansson. Having contracted him meanwhile formally regarding his innovative Superyacht concept of Princess Natalia, League of Extraordinary got thoroughly ahead working with the designer on his original concept and idea in order to develop a proper project which, due to their experience and knowledge, is now being prepared for engineering.

Beside her unconventional lines and exterior appearance, which combines a dynamic aggressivness of military aesthetics with the elegance of a bohemian life-style concept, the real outstanding of Princess Natalia will be the owner’s area, whose vision is far beyond any traditional and classical concepts.

Against the rumour that League of Extraordinary will be hosting a large dinner party in one of the noble private apartments in Monaco during the boat show, they now announced that they will rather reside outside Monaco beyond and away from the boat show’s hustle and bustle in one of the mansions in the hills of nearby Cap Martin, where they will follow up with their recent activities by receiving some clients and holding rather informal individual meetings.

League of Extraordinary
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