Lift Emotion supplies elevators for 90 metre Benetti FB262

Lift Emotion has announced that they have signed a contract for the construction and installment of several marine elevators for the 90 metre super yacht, currently under construction in Livorno at Benetti. Project FB262 will be the largest yacht delivered by Benetti.

For this particular project, Lift Emotion will supply three guest and crew elevators, as well as a dumb waiter. Lift Emotion will design, deliver and install these elevators in such a way, that the shipyard can decorate them, to exactly match the yacht’s custom interior.

Lift Emotion uses their C-line marine elevator, a proven solution that is well known for the rigidity and durability. The hydraulic driven elevators are controlled by special hydraulic pumps and electronically controlled valves that ensure a smooth ride.

The elevators will feature central opening landing doors, that have Solas A0-class certificates to match the demands by class and flag state.

Lift Emotion plans to finish the elevators in the first quarter of 2013, and soon after that will start the installation on board of the vessel.

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