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“At TOTALLUX we understand that finding the right lighting solutions is an ongoing process which only ends when the owners and owner representatives are satisfied.”Totallux

TOTALLUX makes sure that when the sun sets, onboard lighting upholds the stellar ambience that your charter experience demands. Lighting designers, installers, and interior builders need to ensure that the hues and diversities of light are cast and dispersed appropriately throughout the vessel to accommodate the needs of each suite. This is where TOTALLUX steps in to offer guidance and sound advice every step of the way. The broad range of expertise at the company is bolstered by strategic partnerships with other top industry professionals including UK-based luxury lighting suppliers Lightgraphix and underwater lighting specialists Lumishore. These pro-partnerships help TOTALLUX to stay above its competitors and to continue to align with innovations within the industry.Totallux Lightgraphix At the helm is Jan Mark Zumpolle who founded TOTALLUX in 2003. The team of experts from the marine arm of the business is there to provide project-specific advice throughout every stage of the design and building process, supporting their clients with a reserve of resources – including spec sheets, instructional videos, and training workshops. By working closely with design teams from the start, TOTALLUX ensures that its products are always correctly installed, reducing the chance of delays or damages.Totallux product The superyacht lighting industry has come a long way in innovative developments since the founding of TOTALLUX in 2003. Transitioning from Halogen to LED is one of the major changes, while another has been the move away from rope lighting to the neon flex. TOTALLUX has capitalised on both advancements and offers these retrofit upgrades to older vessels in their refit division.Totallux shortcuttingSustainability has also been an engine for change in recent years. In keeping with the yachting industry at large, TOTALLUX is driving toward solutions that have less of an environmental impact. The result is a “Shortcutting” version of its TLX LED Flexline Series, a line of lighting that can be cut as close to one or two LEDs. When compared to the more traditional twelve LED option, it becomes clear just how much of a huge reduction this is. More is less! And without any compromise to quality too. By opting for the “Shortcutting” versions, clients are seeing waste reductions of up to 75% in some cases. Fitters are reporting that the product is also more dynamic and that its design reduces any shadow issues they may have previously faced. Another area TOTALLUX is exploring is fibre optics. Due to the nature of this cabling option, vessels can benefit from a major weight reduction as they will no longer need to lug excess cables on their yacht. Totallux human-centric lightingOne of the big trends at the moment is Human-centric Lighting – lighting solutions that mimic natural light and adjust automatically to the surrounding environment. Developers have already smartened up lighting to achieve this goal and are now working to bring more diverse colour palettes to market. TOTALLUXalready offers a solution for clients looking for a spectrum of colour: the RGBW Flexline. The company predicts that more developments will be made in the near future, and is expecting to see even smarter and a wider range of colour lighting hitting the market soon.

TOTALLUX offers a one-stop shop when it comes to Marine LED lighting solutions

Totallux process diagramIf you want to hear more about these innovations, you’ll be able to find TOTALLUX at the upcoming METS Tradeshow. TOTALLUX will be exhibiting their lighting solutions and available to discuss your plans and projects, to get in touch with the team now,

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