Lila Lou unveils a new animation of superyacht Ankida

In October 2009 Alexander Isaac of Lila Lou unveiled his ground breaking sailing yacht design, Ankida, to Speaking to Alexander, he has just informed us that he and his team created an animation of the sailing yacht, giving potential clients a better understanding of how this ingenious sailing yacht operates.

The Ankida concept was developed by Lila-Lou to seek a natural integration of the mast, sail and keel configuration with the hull and superstructure, in the process moving away from a traditional centre-line arrangement. The vessel is cradled within the space-frame like arrangement therefore allowing the forces generated by the rig to work efficiently for propulsion.

Alexander Isaac of Lila-Lou explains “We developed Ankida's mast(s) and keel(s) to be structurally integral, rather than applied, to the overall design, in order that the forces created are more homogeneously distributed, working in favor of the performance, it was from the mast design that the sails followed”.

Click here to read the full article on Ankida.

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By Merijn de Waard



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