Limo Tender for Heesen 5500 designed by Vripack

The inspiration for the design of this Limo Tender 25’ is completely based on the mother ship the Heesen’s 5500 Semi Displacement. For the Design of the Limo Tender Vripack used many essential features so she is identical in a lot of ways but only one-ninth the size of her accomplice.

As an inspiration the designers of Vripack used the recognizable shapes of the Frank Laupman designed 5500 Semi Displacement to create a smaller version with the same caliber by order of Nakhimov. Next to all the extraordinary similarities which Vripack managed to put in her design, this small accomplice is priced with many special features. Because of her magnanimous glass constructions the Limo Tender 25’ has a great illumination angle and despite her small size she is even praised with a skylight.

The Limo Tender 25’ really takes advantage of her small size. She is a powerful and inventive little yacht, a desire for the eye especially when the two of them are maneuvering through the open waters together. Vripack designed this Tender as a fully equipped look alike with 2 minibars, venders who completely protect her under mooring and the most technologically advanced interior.

Because of the smart furniture she offers enough room for 6 people in her enclosed cabin with plenty of additional space in the bow rider for more people. Vripack really strived for perfection by only using exclusive materials with sleek and seductive combinations and breathtaking detailing what gives her a yacht interior with genuine presence. The inside and outside are melt in one and as mentioned before, there is a lot of glass used to strive for this feeling. On the aft of the deck there are two wheels for crew sailing this luxury yacht tender separated from the guest and behind the double steering platform this Limo Tender, of only 25’ even provides a big swimming platform.

The tender is to be built by delegation of Nakhimov.

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