Live from Antibes: EcoCrew seminar

The unique nutrient that helped Poseidon develop those envious pectorals and feed his beloved sea horses, is now struggling for life.

Posedonia, named after the Greek god, has been the Mediterranean’s life giving plant for hundreds of thousands of years. Unlike sea algae, Posedonia is a rooted plant that is responsible for balancing the Mediterranean’s eco-system. Many marine animals, including rare species of sea horses, take refuge in the plant’s lofty green clusters. More importantly these same leaves consume carbon dioxide and give off needed oxygen for all sea life to flourish.

The biggest threat to the “plant of the gods” is yacht anchors as they are dragged along the sea floor ripping up hundreds of years of growth in a few minutes. As the yachting industry expands, the present outlook for the super plant is bleak.

Even though scientific evidence is showing a rapid destruction of Posidonia sea grass fields, especially around the highly frequented Antibes Eden Rock and Bay of Cannes area, its destruction continues at an alarming rate due to unregulated pleasure boat anchoring.

Now a protected species under European Union’s Habitats Directive (Dir 92/43/CEE) along with WWF and UN directives, there is still no enforcement on anchoring locations.

EcoCrew Association in association with the Management of Natura 2000 from the Ville de Antibes are holding an informative seminar at the Antibes Boat show on Saturday the 14th at 2pm. Propositions and solutions will be discussed and ideas will be exchanged. All people involved in yachting are urged to attend.

For more information on the Posedonia topic and sustainable yachting contact Eco Crew.

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