Live from Antibes: Projects moving fast for new Pendennis Palma Refit Division

Projects are moving fast for the new Pendennis Palma Refit Division. I had a good chat with Tristan Rowe and Charlie Ross this morning, the first day of The Antibes Yacht Show 2012. Seven projects in as many months, since September 2011 has meant a very busy and encouraging start.

Pendennis have decades of experience in refit and new build projects from their home in Falmouth, UK. This has enabled the Palma branch to ‘parachute in’ specialized project managers, electricians and tradesmen on a project-by-project basis. This interim management style has enabled clear and concise communication between Falmouth and Palma, not to mention the ease of working in similar environments with the same core-company values, which also ensures language barriers are not the cause of delays in schedules from start to finish of the projects.

Yacht service history is easily transferred from past refits in Falmouth, to Palma; indeed maintenance work or cosmetic refits are an attractive proposition for those not needing to make the longer journey from the Mediterannean to Falmouth in the UK. Charlie Ross, Director of Pendennis Palma, explains “Our base in Palma offers enormous flexibility for yachts based in the Mediterranean wanting Pendennis quality and reliability without having to make the journey to our main facility in Falmouth, particularly if it is for a short-term maintenance task rather than for a full, extensive refit.”

A 42 metre classic motor yacht is on her way to Palma for a 4 month project, for the reasons stated above. There is certainly a seasonal element to the refit world, however Pendennis extend the 7 winter months with plenty of work during April and May on superyachts returning to the Mediterranean for the summer season, and also during October prior to superyachts leaving for the Caribbean.

Three orders are already booked in for refit work this coming winter. Pendennis Palma can facilitate refit work on superyachts between 25 metres and 60 metres that need to be hauled out of the water, and alongside work on superyachts up to 100 metres.

Charlie Ross
+34 (0)971 224 981
[email protected]

By Richard Callender, photo by Rosie McCall



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