Live from DIBS 2017: Kormaran presents the K7 in holographic form

Written by Charl van Rooy

Austrian boat builder Kormaran has been impressing the crowds at this year’s Dubai International Boat Show with an innovative display of their K7 watercraft model. The K7 is visible to visitors in a virtual 3D form through holographic technology named HoloLens.

Visitors experience the display through reality glasses that transforms the Kormaran stand into a virtual environment along with the 3D display. “Our new way of presenting the K7 is a world premiere and it is literally eye-catching. It is a special experience that allows you to explore this new class of boat in mixed reality environment” says Oliver Kormann, CEO and inventor of the Kormaran.

Kormann feels that this way of presenting a yacht could become a regular feature for more builders at boat shows due to its substantially lower impact on the environment in having visitors experience the product in a virtual environment, a feature that is even ahead of the well-developed automotive industry.

The K7 is a new class of boats developed by Kormaran and is limited to 50 units. Each craft will be custom built according to each client’s wishes.



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