Live from Palma: Dahm International at the Superyacht Show

Written by Charl van Rooy

We speak with Michael Storck, Managing Partner at Dahm International, about the company’s presence on the Balearic island.

How important is the Palma Superyacht Show to Dahm International?

With our head office here in Palma de Mallorca as well as being one of the co-founders of the event four years ago, this is certainly one of the most important shows for us. We feel the show is getting more and more interesting each year. The increasing presence of large sailing yachts here at the show fits in perfectly with our business model.

There is an established German community here on the island. Is this part of the reason why Dahm International is based here?

Yes, that certainly is part of the reason. The island has historically been known as a retreat for Germans to escape to. But because of the high concentration of yachts here in Palma all year round, this has become a hub for anyone looking at purchasing a new yacht.

What makes the Palma Superyacht Show stand out from other yachting events around the Mediterranean?

I think the mix of visitors here at the show really makes it very special. It not only caters to the ultra wealthy and therefore keeps you on your toes when it comes to identifying new yacht owners. The other reason is of course the amount of sailing yachts here. At the Monaco Yacht Show for example, a big sailing yacht can easily get overlooked amongst the crowd, but here clients really have an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate these lovely sailing yachts in their environment.

Earlier in the year you unveiled the Dahm 120 sailing yacht. Have you received any interest about the project since then?

Yes, we have a very small group of clients who are extremely interested in purchasing the project. It has not been sold yet, but we are reaching the final stages of the agreement. The concept is completely different than what is available on the market today, and we found that clients really appreciate that.



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