Live from Qatar: Interview with Bush & Noble

We are a consultancy brokerage company based in Dubai”, Brett Noble of Bush & Noble starts off when we ask him about his company. “We have been in the region for over 5 years, and we predominantly do brokerage within GCC region. Larger yachts, smaller boats, we do project management, consultancy, pretty much cross a range as an yacht company”.Nakilat Damen Yacht Support Vessel model on display in QatarPhoto: Maarten Janssen / SuperYacht Times

Bush & Noble is exhibiting in Qatar this week, and we asked Brett his views on the Qatari market. “The market in Qatar is quite new, it’s been up and coming for a while now, probably over the next couple of years it’s going to increase. I would not say considerably, but they becoming more used to the way yachting market works- catching up basically”.

Here in Qatar, in the expat market, you have got a lot of small boats, 30-40 feet range, if you looking across the border its around about 50-70' range predominantly”.

When we ask Brett about the first Qatar international boat show, he smiles, and states: “It’s very good. Obviously its a first show, they are new at it, there is some nice boats on the display. It’s being well received with a lot of clients that I known in Qatar”.



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