Live from Qatar: Interview with Gulf Craft

"Gulf Craft’s Qatar market is increasing day by day, month by month, with an increasing number of our yachts being delivered to Qatar”, Gulf Craft’s Mahmoud Itani commented when we asked him about doing business in Qatar.

On display at the Qatar International Boat Show by Gulf Craft are the Majesty 121 and Majesty 70. The latter was recently delivered to her owner, “The owner was very kind and helpful, letting us to display it at the show, for which we are very happy”, Mahmoud says.

Of course there is a bright future here in Qatar. There is a good demand for boat shows like this. There is a big demand for yachts and yachting in Qatar. With improvements that we will see in the future, I think this show will prosper quickly”.

When asked about other blooming markets, Mahmouds says: “Asia and EU are interested, and we delivered the 105 in July to France. The GCC is one of our best markets, where we have a lot of market share, also in Oman, and Qatar as I said is increasingly important”.

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By Merijn de Waard



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