Live from Qatar: Interview with Sunseeker Middle East

”Qatar is at the stage where its booming tremendously. What is important to understand from the market point of view, is that it is obviously the first boat show here, and that lots of manufacturers were willing to participate. All the other markets in the world are more or less predictable, however Qatar has that bit of mystery at this point in time”, says Arif Oomer of Sunseeker Middle East, when we ask him about his experience at the Qater International Boat Show.

We have had some buyers from this region over the past three years, and we have been providing them with aftersales service as well as continuously keeping in touch with them to understand this market better, to better understand the requirements. All this gets into our feedback system, and we are trying to understand what they are looking for and trying change with their needs”.

What we noticed is that sport cruises are having a lot of traction in this market. This is a good sign, because from the Sunseeker point of view we are putting a lot of effort into research and development in this segment”.

Looking at the local market for bigger yachts, Arif says: “Infrastructure in terms of marinas and channels and destinations are evolving quickly, yet at the same time, when you are looking at the larger boat market, it requires a lot of infrastructure being place. With regards to larger boats here, there will be buyers, but perhaps less as what we currently see in the other parts in the region. One can say its too soon to predict”.

As for the Qatar International Boat Show, Arif comments: “Its very good a step in a right direction. The show is encouraged by the authorities which is very positive. As I mentioned Qatar is definitely a booming economy, so it all helps to improve the market”.

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