Live from Qatar: Luxury Projects exhibiting for the first time

In 2008 Laura Pomponi founded Luxury Projects Design Studio and Atelier, headquartered in Ancona. Luxury Projects designs superyacht interiors, private jet interiors, as well as a variety of land based projects. The company is exhibiting for the first time in Qatar, and I sat down with Laura at the show.

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This is your first time exhibiting here in Qatar. What made you decide to come this year?

We have been working in this country on residential private properties since we started the Luxury Projects Studio six years ago. It was a way to meet all of our clients, they come and pop in and have a coffee. It shows our trust in the country and the willingness to go farther with a lot of projects. It has been a great decision to come here.

If you look at all of the work you do, what percentage is yachts?

It’s quite a difficult question because it depends on the year. This year we had four yachts between refits and new, but the coming year we will have less. Maybe another refit will come, but if we commission an order, obviously it’s a 2 to 4 year construction. It’s not an easy percentage to define. It’s more yachting, generally.

Is it difficult to work for clients in this part of the world? Is it very different to what European clients want?

It’s an interesting question. Every client is special to us. Every client has a particular request. Since we are not promoting the same interiors every time, it is something that is always challenging us. In the European or the American market, obviously it’s much closer to our own daily life. Here, our clients often want something more classic, or request a real ‘wow’ factor. It’s a really good challenge to be looking at new materials.

Clients from this region are not quick decision makers, but it depends when you establish a good relationship with them. Then there is total trust, better even than in Europe. Here, as soon as you’ve got the feeling for the project and it’s coming on, they don’t come anymore to discuss it unless they have a special request for a functionality or space, but not in terms of the style. They have trust in us. There is a great attitude and shows great respect of Italian creativity and style.