Live from Qatar: Q&A with Amer Yachts

The Permare Group was established in the ’70s and today the yard is best known for their Amer series. The Amer series currently includes models from 86, to 92, to 100 and 116 feet, altough their product range is expending, as Barbara Amerio tells me at the Qatar International Boat Show.

This is your first time here at the show. What are your thoughts on the show?

"It’s great. It’s a nice show and it is well organised. I am very happy that we made our way here, to show the local market what we do".

What are you working on at the moment?

"We are launching a new model, a 94’ feet, a yacht based on the 92, but slightly extended, and fitted with three IPS engines. This will be our first yacht boat to be equipped with this system, which will greatly reduce fuel consumption. The yacht will be ready for the next Cannes show, in September".

Is this a project that you’ve sold, or is it a spec project?

"This particular yacht has been sold to a client".

What else do you have under construction at the moment?

"Apart from the new 94, we are also working on a new model, our largest yet. We’ve been developing it over the last three years, and I hope we can show it to the world soon. We can also start a new Amer Cento, and deliver it for the next season, and we have the possibilty to deliver a 116 quite fast, using our existing mould".

Are any of the yachts you have delivered in this region?

"Actually, yes, although we were not aware of it. I found an older model, an 82’, at the Pearl Marina yesterday, She has been well kept, and I had the chance to meet the captain today, and also to meet the new owner who is from Qatar. We now have three yachts in the Gulf, two are in the Dubai area and one here in Qatar".

By Maarten Janssen



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