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Live from Qatar: Q&A with Kaiserwerft


Please tell us more about Kaiserwerft?
We are a German shipyard and we have a facility in Turkey, in fact, it’s the biggest facility in Antalya, We now also have a refit facility in Dubai”.

What are you building now?
We have an 56 metre and an 85 metre ready to be build. We have also just have launched a catamaran of 17 metres, that was built in Turkey. We were also working on a 45 metre project, but that is now on hold. Earlier this year we presented a 29 metre at the Dubai show, which was sold to a client in Oman”.

How important is the Middle Eastern market for Kaiserwerft?
We strongly believe in this market, we think it’s very important, that’s why we opened the refit facility in Dubai”.

What do you think about the Qatar market and the boat show so far?
I think Qatar is off to a good start. There are plenty of potential clients in this part of the world, so yes, we think it’s a strong market. We have already sold 7 yachts in the Middle East”.

Do you want to focus more on building in Germany or Turkey?
Turkey is our main facility. We offer both options to customers, if they want to build in Germany we can build and complete there, but it’s also a question of the price”.

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Superyacht iQ Report

The SuperYacht iQ 2018 Market Report

Did you know that in 2017....

  • 180 new yachts over 30 metres were sold
  • 149 new yachts over 30 metres were completed
  • 443 yachts over 30 metres were under construction
  • 30% of the yachts under construction were available for sale
  • 20% of the yachts were owned by clients from the USA