Live from Qatar: QIBS organiser satisfied with the 2nd edition

With the second edition of the Qatar International Boat Show now ended, I looked back at the show with Faysal Mikati, Vice President of QIBS organiser Snow Comms.

I am very satisfied, not only because of the organization, the exhibitors are happy, the visitors are very happy, the government reported that people who came to check the show are very happy, so we have a very positive mode, which makes us happy”, Faysal commented.

The show has grown twice the size in number of exhibitors and yachts. We picked up pretty fast and I can tell you that next year you are going to see new brands here at the show, which we have already confirmed with. They came to discuss and they found the show very positive and they confirmed that they want to join next year. So I expect a growth. I don’t necessarily want to double in size, but we will grow for sure”.

Our show is a pretty luxury life style show. So we are looking at both luxury brands, as well as boats. This week, we have the news of the confirmation of the World Cup 2022, which is another boost for our economy, which will also reflect in the money getting in, and in profits for everybody. So it will affect the luxury sector, which will result in a big growth here”.

By Maarten Janssen



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