Live from Qatar: Ulysse Nardin

Well known luxury brand Ulysse Nardin, is once again exhibiting at the Qatar International Boat Show. I sat down with Christophe Chorao, Managing Director Middle-East.

“We have a very strong heritage from the marine industry. Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1846, so it’s a company that is almost 170 years old. In the 19th century, Ulysse Nardin was not creating wrist watches but was producing what we call Marine Chronometers. We were equipping for example the Dutch Navy, the Russian Navy, the United States, the United Kingdom. Our connection to the marine industry today, is just as strong. This is why you see us at so many yachting events around the world. I love that clients associate Ulysses Nardin to the yachting industry”.

Currently on display at the show in Doha, are a large collection of exclusive watches. “It’s branding” Christophe explains. “Of course, if we can sell a piece here at the show, we will, but its not our main intention”.

When asked abou the importance of the Middle Eastern market to Ulysse Nardin, Christophe replies “When I started here 12 years ago, you would see a lot of watches with diamonds, but the market at that time cared less about the maker. Ulysse Nardin is not a jewelry watch maker, we make mechanical watches. I see the market over the years has shifted. Qatar is changing. We have more and more watch collectors here now”.

Creating brand awareness is high on Christophe’s agenda, “later this week, we have an official dinner, and we have invited fifteen VIP customers. It’s a great opportunity to meet the clientele”.

By Maarten Janssen



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