Live from Singapore: Daryl Wakefield of Westport Yachts

For the past couple of years Westport Yachts have been very active in promoting their yachts and the company in the Middle East and Asia. Today I spoke with Daryl Wakefield, the president of Westport Yachts, at the Singapore Yacht Show.

I asked Daryl if it was paying off for Westport to be present in this market. “Without a doubt. We are reinforcing the brand, we are here, we are excited and we see this as a growing market. The Singapore market is still in its infancy right now, but we have been coming here for a few years and each year we gain a bit more ground…it’s a marathon, not a foot race”, comments Daryl Wakefield.

And he is also very happy with the Singapore Yacht Show, “Great venue, great people, it’s has been wonderful. The place is full, so it’s great”.

Westport Yachts was the third largest superyacht builder in 2012 according to the Superyachting Index 2013 which will soon be released by Camper & Nicholsons International and Commenting about the current market situation, Daryl says, “it has been a good year. No one is immune for what took place a few years ago, so all of us are working through it, we have all got the same challenges, but little by little thinks are coming back normal for us”.

Westport Yachts is well known for their semi-custom yacht range and I asked Daryl if we are going to see any fully custom Westport yachts in the future. “Four or five years ago I would have said absolutely not, but now I would say, never say never…..”

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By Merijn de Waard



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