Live from Singapore: New territories with Sevenstar and DYT Yacht Transport

Written by Charl van Rooy

Peter Staalsmid and Laura Tempest, Sales Managers at Sevenstar Yacht Transport and DYT respectively, tells us about yacht transport services to Asia and why this is a region that demands so much of their attention.

Has the Singapore Yacht Show become an important event on your calendar since its inception in 2011?

Peter: For both Sevenstar Yacht Transport and DYT this is the most important boating event for us in the region. It is by far the most diverse and international boat show on offer in Asia, which makes it a must-attend event for us. The actual show along with the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference which takes place the two days leading up to the show, makes not only for a good networking and business development platform, but an educational experience as well.

The fact that we need to be educated about topics such as possible cruising grounds, insurance in Asian waters as well charter possibilities, makes us an ambassador for the region in a way, which is beneficial to service providers in the area.

You have been a part of the SYS since the very start, would you say the event has changed a lot since the inauguration in 2011?

Peter: We see the show improving each year in terms of organisation and setup as well as being able to attract a larger variety of brands each edition. The fact that we have been sponsors of the event for the past six years proves that we truly believe in the event and what the region can offer.

What needs to be done to ensure more yachts visiting the region?

Peter: I believe it starts with marina development and updating transport regulations in the region โ€“ these are two vital aspects to increase the activity over here. Safety is also very important and is an issue that needs to be addressed. What we are doing from our side to have more yachts visit Asia is the opening of a new pick-up and drop-off point for our submersible yacht transport vessel theYacht Express,right here in Singapore. This is yet another way of showing how strongly we believe in the region.

Laura: We have been working at getting involved in the Far East for a long time. In December Yacht Express will depart Fort Lauderdale and sail west through the Panama Canal stopping off in Costa Rica, Tahiti, Auckland, Brisbane and then Singapore.

How do the services that Sevenstar Yacht Transport and DYT offer differ?

Laura: Sevenstar Yacht Transport and DYT are two separate brands that are members of the Spliethoff Group. Our services are similar in many ways yet our transport methods differ. DYT is the only service that exclusively transports yachts by using a semi-submersible vessel to load and unload yachts.



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