Live from Singapore: SilverYachts on the Asian market

Written by Charl van Rooy

Jona Kan, Sales Director of Australian shipyard SilverYachts, talks about the importance of having a presence at an event such as the Singapore Yacht Show.

What brings SilverYachts back to the show each year?

We feel the the Singapore Yacht Show is the best event of its kind in Asia. Being the largest yacht builder operating in the Pacific today, it is an absolute must for us to attend the show each year.

Your thoughts on the show so far?

It is only day two but I think we can expect some more visitors to stop by over the next few days as the weather has been very good so far.

How are you working on promoting the SilverYachts brand throughout the entire Asian region?

We have our own network of clients that we personally visit in the region. The brokers’ market is not as established over here as in other part of the world, so it is entirely in us to develop our presence and build a stronger brand over here.

How important are events such as the SYS to develop the yachting culture in Asia?

This show is extremely important in educating the market on what is available. First-time buyers can truly benefit from this event and get a better understanding on what it is that they are looking for and what they are ultimately paying for. The nature of the region means that it doesn’t matter if your company is 100-years old, or 15-years old; here everyone starts equally. This is why it is so important for us to be present and active in such an emerging market.



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