Live from Taiwan: chairman's speech

Report and Photo by Merijn de Waard

At the opening ceremony of the first Taiwan International Yacht show 2014, chairman of the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association and CEO of Horizon Yachts, John Lu, thanked guests, marking the event as a turn for the Taiwanese yachting industry.

We have built a great reputation in the world and we have provided great yachts to international buyers. For 40 years we have provided more than 30,000 yachts to our clients.” Despite the success, Lu also recognised the lack of interest and support in Taiwan towards luxury boating until recent years.

Although Taiwan is an island, due to some historical reasons, our people are not so much into the maritime industry. I would like to once again promote that we have to do what we have to do, it is now or never.” Lu noted there is certainly room for improvement in the industry, something which he remains hopeful will be fulfilled.

The chairman graciously thanked all of the participating members of the show, as well as the vast amount of people dedicated to making the show a success in its organisation and production. “I would like to thank everybody involved. It is due to this collected effort that we can make the show such a wonderful platform.



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