Live From Taiwan: Horizon sells 4 yachts

Report by Gemma Fottles

Horizon Yachts have announced the sales of four Horizon 88 motor yachts in the past week. Focusing on the American market with a philosophy of quick delivery times for instant owner gratification, Roger Sowerbutts, director of Horizon Yachts USA, told Superyacht Times’ Merijn de Waard that Horizon are constantly trying to accommodate client’s needs. However, the 18 months necessary to build the boat can steer customers to the used market.

Commenting on this as well as the sales, Sowerbutts stated, “the American market is very much now – I want what I want, I want to build it, the way I want to build it. So we built this boat as a spec and then the first guy who saw it bought it. This is very fortunate for us.

The four recent sales of Horizon 88 motor yachts have all been paid in cash. One boat will be heading to Australia whilst the other three will be going to the US. One will be in Seattle and the other two both in Fort Lauderdale. American owners will use the boats on the east coast of the US, specifically in Florida, with infrequent trips to the north.

After extensive discussions with current owners of Horizon yachts, the designers made several changes to the design of the vessel to offer an altogether better boat for the individual.

The model was first introduced 3 years ago and has consistently done well at American shows.



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