Luce5 for luxury: a new culture of light

Having grown up working with some of the most demanding luxury brands in the world, Luce5 has been on a unique path since the beginning. Working with some of the world’s most coveted fashion houses such as Prada, Miu Miu, Bulgari, Boucheron, Zanotti, Zegna and Fendi, the lightmakers Luce5 are building on their success and have joined the world of superyachts. Intrigued by their background and expansion, SuperYacht Times spoke with Riccardo Di Bene, CEO of Luce5 Yachting, to find out how Luce5 is working towards securing its place as a leading lighting company in the yachting world. 

Luce5 lighting project 5th Avenue Boutique Prada, Bulgari, Boucheron, Zanotti and Zegna are just a few of the high-end fashion luxury brands that feature lighting projects from Luce5 in their fashion boutiques around the world. These projects include dynamic façades, showcase lighting and custom lighting fixtures. “We developed the idea for luxury fashion house Bulgari’s Fifth Avenue boutique. We completely engineered and developed the fantastic facade that included more than 2,500 lighting points in a mesh pattern controlled by wifi. These concepts are something that we also envision for our yachting clients,” explains Di Bene. 

Having opened a new division, Luce5 Yachting, in Viareggio at the beginning of 2017, the company is becoming increasingly present in the yachting market, and the dedicated team at Luce5 have been cultivating the knowledge and expertise gained from their time in the luxury retail industry and are pouring it into the yachting world. Their strong will, expert know-how, experience and success in lighting up the retail world has helped them gain a number of clients, including Italian shipyard Benetti. 

Benetti Delfino 95' MY Christella II Photo: Giuliano SargentiniBenetti recently tapped Luce5 Yachting to carry out the lighting projects on three 100m+ superyachts due to be launched in 2019. “This is just the beginning of our story!” adds Di Bene. “We have been lucky enough to start with these incredible, large superyacht projects from one of the leaders in Italian superyacht construction, Benetti, and we’re excited to be crafting custom creations for these luxury vessels. Our expertise and teamwork approach to this lighting project keeps us close with the designers and the lighting designers.”

“We collaborated with Giorgio Cassetta and Aqualuce to develop the light concept of the exterior of Benetti’s Delfino, and with Arch Salvagni for the completely custom interior. After that experience, Benetti entrusted Luce5 for the three 100m+ superyachts.”

After Benetti announced that the contracts had been signed for the three new-builds, Luce5 Yachting started work on developing the necessary lighting solutions. Being involved with the projects from the very start is Luce5’s preferred approach, as the company wants to ensure the best final project result, and take an active part in changing the culture of lighting. “We wanted to use our experience in another market. The luxury retail market is very demanding and requires more attention to lighting and we want to try to change the culture to this in yachting.”

“In yachting, everything is growing up - the designers, the shipyards and the owners are starting to improve their perception on details, so it is now easier to talk to them about having high-quality products planned and designed from the beginning of the projects,” he said.

Luce5 lighting project Flexi LED strip

Taking advantage of the industry’s attention to detail, Luce5 used their expert methods in research and development to create a special product for the purpose of yachting - and will be used by Benetti for their upcoming 100m+ superyachts. “We have created a special product for one of the 100-metre yachts in Livorno. It has a very low thickness - 18mm. It is a light panel providing a well-distributed light on the surface. The main thing is that the product is completely frameless. You have no frame on the furniture, and by avoiding covers, you avoid any black line in the light."

Luce5 lighting project Leccio outletLuce5’s ability to develop expert lighting solutions from LED technology is supported by their three main objectives: selecting the right LED in the beginning, harmonising the use of light and ensuring repeatability. Working in conjunction with these successful aims, Luce5 offers a competent consultation and an effective project management process. “We assist our clients until the project is completed. If requested, we take care of the product's installation and provide assistance and technical advice directly on site with our specialised technicians. We create prototypes and mockups rapidly and pay attention to timing and costs and, thanks to the numerous tests we do in our internal R&D laboratory, we can maximise the products technical characteristics and performances.”

Luce5 lighting project/refit Lusben MY 50mtAs Luce5 is dedicated to offering the best lighting possible, they strive to develop light projects together with their clients to ensure the smoothest integration and best final results. In order to ensure that every area of the yacht offers a coherent and harmonised use of light, Luce5 only uses the highest quality LEDs, optics and filters. In addition, Luce5 guarantee they are able to offer the same quality, technical characteristics and colour rendering index if the lighting ever needs to be replaced or changed in the future. 

However, as much as Luce5 are forward-thinking innovators, the future of light in the yachting world and the minimising the amount of energy required is something that still needs to be pushed ahead. When it comes to the lighting, yachts and the environment, Luce5 strives to ensure it is driving the conversation forward with its solutions. “The yachting market is starting to pay attention to looking after the environment, and electric energy is being used for energy reduction. But we can do a lot more regarding this Issue, and LED technology helps.”

“In the retail market we are working a lot on a service called ‘re-lamping’, this means changing the halogen lights to LEDs for energy reduction, being able to reduce consumption even by 50%. For Prada, we are re-lamping more than 100 stores per year. We have started this in yachting too - we’ve replaced external lights on an Oceanco 85-metre yacht from halogen to LED’s.”

LUCE5 FlexiLEDStripWith luxury fashion having such an influence on the yachting world, what do Luce5 foresee for the future of lighting trends? “I think one way has to be the integration of the light into the architecture and furniture. Now, everybody is worried about seeing spotlights on the ceiling or dotting on LED strips. So I think integrating the light product into the design concept of the yacht will be the future,” explains Di Bene.

Luce5 lighting project Dubai storeLuce5 is a company who has entered into the yachting world with a unique story - one that is appreciated by the superyacht industry. Their fresh ideas, solutions and unique background, having already been picked up by some of the most important names in yachting. Having the perfect combination of a design studio, R&D centre, manufacturer, software house and project manager in one company will ensure Luce5 will remain at the top of their game as the right partner for light and luxury for the world’s superyacht fleet. 


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