SYT iQ: Lürssen’s performance on the used yacht sales market

Written by Ralph Dazert

Lürssen is one of best-known superyacht builders in the world, having built 68 yachts over 30 metres so far. These yachts have a total length of 5,658 metres, an average length of 83.2 metres and an average volume of 3,456 gross tons (GT). In the past 10 years, the company has completed a total of 28 superyachts.Kismet yacht by Lürssen in MiamiPhoto: Charl van Rooy / SuperYacht Times

Used Market

Of the 66 30-metre plus Lürssen yachts in operation, there are currently 11 yachts for sale on the market, which is 16.7% of the Lürssen fleet in operation. This is lower than the market average of 23.1%. The total combined length of the Lürssen yachts for sale is 687 metres, with an average length of 62.4 metres and an average volume of 1,330 GT.

The average price of a yacht on the used Lürssen yacht market right now is €72.5 million. When looking at the price per GT, we can see an average price of €55,000 per GT. Looking just at the yachts that have been built since 2010, which is a total of three yachts, they have an average price per GT of €70,000 per GT.

On average, the 11 Lürssen yachts for sale have been on the market for 441 days and have an average age of 16 years. 

New yachts coming on the market per year

In the last two and a half years, between zero and four used superyachts built by Lürssen came on the market per quarter. The third quarter of 2018 saw the highest number of Lürssen yachts come on to the market.Lurssen used yachts new to market graphPhoto: SuperYacht Times / SuperYacht TimesThe most recent Lürssen yacht to be listed is Valerie which came on the market during April 2019.Valerie yacht cruisingPhoto: IYC YachtsYachts sold 

In the past two and a half years, a total of 12 used Lürssen yachts were sold, with five yachts each sold in 2017 and 2018, plus two so far in 2019. 

Lurssen used yachts new to market graphPhoto: SuperYacht Times / SuperYacht TimesIf we look at the used Lürssen superyachts sold in the last two and a half years, they were on the market for an average of 770 days. For the total used fleet sold in the last two and a half years, this averages at a total of 647 days.

The 12 Lürssen yachts sold in the last two and a half years represented a total value of €700 million in terms of final asking prices. Their average last asking price was €77.7 million per yacht or €36,300 per GT. The largest Lürssen yacht sold in this time period was the 85.1-metre Solandge, which had a final asking price of €155,000,000. The highest priced Lürssen yacht sold during this period was the 85-metre Areti (now Amatasia), which had a final asking price of €175,000,000.Solandge aerialPhoto: Klaus JordanTop 4 Lürssen Yachts for Sale

The four largest Lürssen yachts currently for sale are:

Kismet - 95.2m - 2,928 GT - 2014 - €185,000,000 (€63k per GT)

Valerie - 85.1m - 2,755 GT - 2011 - €170,000,000 (€61k per GT)

Coral Ocean - 72.54m - 1,379 GT - 1994 - €31,950,000 (€23k per GT)

Capri I - 58.55m - 1,226 GT - 2003 - €29,500,000 (€24k per GT)

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