Superyacht crew sleeping solutions with Hespera

Written by Georgia Tindale

Since its inception in 2014, the Netherlands-based company, Hespera has had a clear vision for the future: to produce innovative, onboard sleeping solutions for superyacht crew-members, which benefit not just the crew-members, but also interior design companies and the superyacht owner too. 

This is most obvious in Hespera’s latest product, the Hespera ‘Breeze’ which has been recently launched by the company. After intensive research by the company on how to improve sleeping comfort for the superyacht crew, a superior product was born. The new ‘Breeze’ combines a mattress and a pocket underlayer, providing high-end comfort for sleeping crewmembers.

As Hespera see it, a dedicated crew is the key to an unforgettable trip. Crew must be in top physical and mental health at all times in order to deliver the best possible performance. Caring for the crew is what prompts Hespera to develop their products, aiming to make them feel at home on board through their sleeping solutions. Fully customisable for each crew cabin, the ‘Breeze’ demonstrates Hespera’s ability to create unique, efficient, cost-effective and innovative sleeping solutions on board every superyacht. 

Hespera’s luxurious cabin beds are highly adaptable and can be placed without any effort or adjustments being necessary. As a result of this easy installation, interior design companies make major savings in both time and costs, without having to compromise on the quality of the product. 

Environmental consideration is important to everything produced by Hespera. The Dutch company is careful to use only the highest quality, sustainable materials in their products, which also ensures that the sleeper benefits from a constant and natural ventilation at night. 

Using Swedish sleeping technique to inform the science behind their products, Hespera produces its products locally on Dutch soil. Adaptable for all onboard cabin sizes and with sleeping products suitable for all dimensions, Hespera offers luxurious sleeping comfort solutions for the crew cabins of every superyacht. 

Not limited by location, Hespera also offers the possibility to ship worldwide: bringing their customisable sleeping solutions to you, wherever you lay your head to rest. 

For more information, or to arrange a visit from Hespera to view their collection of beautiful samples, contact Hespera directly using the contact details below. The company has also just launched their brand new website, which you can see at



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