Luxury Carpet Studio: For all your flooring needs

Written by Rebecca Smurthwaite

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, with two international offices in Dubai and Hong Kong, Luxury Carpet Studio’s name explains it all. Providing the finest and richest carpets, you are guaranteed to sink your toes into complete heaven when Luxury Carpet Studio lays the flooring aboard your superyacht. Luxury Carpet StudioCombining fine Italian design with only the best natural materials and yarn, Luxury Carpet Studio creates unique masterpieces custom made for your superyachts interior design. Every carpet is handmade with the utmost attention to detail and immaculate technique to give the highest quality standards.

Luxury Carpet Studio challenges luxury industry leaders with its business unit exclusively dedicated to bespoke carpet services for superyachts as well as luxury cruise ships. Having worked with leading shipyards worldwide since their foundation, Luxury Carpet Studio brings years of experience to make you feel like you're walking on clouds after spending the day cruising the waves.

Luxury Carpet StudioJump off your Jet Ski onto a deluxe carpet without having to worry about the mess, because Luxury Carpet Studio knows the best yarns for nautical use, so you can rest assured that your fine flooring won’t lose its touch. One of the few companies able to offer ‘carved carpets’, Luxury Carpet Studio uses 3D technology to characterise the patterns for the perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

Luxury Carpet Studio

Primarily working on complete projects, Luxury Carpet Studio also offers unique products from a catalogue, with a variety of rugs and carpets dedicated to your yacht's interior design. Balancing expertise skill, sculptural forms and innovative fibres, be ready for a deluxe design no matter what option you choose.

Every carpet and rug by Luxury Carpet Studio is certified by Centro Tessile Serico and CSI, both prestigious international centres in the field of quality tests and certifications. All of the products by Luxury Carpet Studio are in accordance with international standards, in order to guarantee the highest quality for your superyacht carpeting needs.Luxury Carpet StudioWith various yacht collections available to choose from, including Aqua – the perfect combination of shape and raw materials, Dues Maris – a Marine goddess, Fluctus – the essence of beauty, and Vitruvius – the elegance of geometric shapes, decide upon the best one for you to elevate your superyachts interior to a whole new level.

From bespoke rugs to fully installed fine flooring throughout your superyacht, if you want to experience deluxe carpeting, get in touch with Luxury Carpet Studio here:



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